Account 452468


Metal: 0s0 = 0
Explosives: 0s0 = 0
RC Turrets: 0


Metal 16 × +
Explosives 16 × +
RC Turrets

Create new account token


New accounts cost 2 stacks (32 units) metal. You must give the token directly to the other player. Do not create the account yourself and give them the details. If you are found to do this, your account will be closed and all your items taken. You are responsible for ensuring the player you provide a new account token to knows how to use dredbank properly. If many players are found who don't know how to use dredbank properly, and they all got their accounts from one player, there may be a punishment against the player who provided their accounts.


Type Counterparty Account Reference Number Metal Explosives RC Turrets
Sent 220022 220022 0s0 = 0 0s0 = 0 14
Deposit 0 0s0 = 0 0s0 = 0 14