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  1. Why do I want a bank account
  2. IMPORTANT account security
  3. How to get a bank account
  4. How to use your bank account
  5. How to get help

Why do I want a bank account

Having a bank account has numerous advantages.

IMPORTANT account security

Read this section carefully or you could lose all your items

Every bank account comes with an account number and a PIN. You must keep your account number and PIN safely. If you lose either of them you will not be able to get your items back and will lose them all. Because players can impersonate other player, and there is no way to tell for sure if a player is real, the bank will not give out your account number and PIN a second time, even if you ask, and even if you prove yourself. Therefore, you must keep these safe or your will lose all your items and they will be kept by the bank.

You must only open a bank account using the official method described below. Never accept a bank account from another player. There is no reason for another player to give you a bank account, except to steal your items or to make it looks like you stole someone else's items.

You must keep your PIN completely secret. If any other player finds out your PIN they can steal all your items. It will look like you did it and you will not get a refund. Therefore you must never tell your PIN to anyone, even if you trust them. You are not allowed to share your bank account.

How to get a bank account

This is the only safe way to open a bank account. It is quick and easy and the only reason to do another way is for a player to try to scam you. If you accept a bank account from another player they can steal your items at any time. Transferring ownership of bank accounts is not allowed and may result in dredbank confiscating your account and items.

First, you need an account creation token. You can get one from any transfer bank, including Clearing Bank.

Once you have an account creation token, prepare some way of safely recording your account number and PIN, which you will not lose, and other people cannot get. Do not store your PIN in a ship MOTD. you will be given these in the next step.

Go to the open account page to create a new account. Enter your account creation token. You will be given an account number and PIN. Record these safely. You can use your new account immediately.

How to use your bank account

How to access my account

To access your bank account, first visit the https://dredbank.com homepage. Then, enter your account number into the account number box at the top of the page. Finally, click the "view" button. This will take you to your account page.

How to read bank balances

You will see bank balances written either as a normal number, or like this: " 3s5=53 ". This means "3 stacks and 5 extra units = 53 units in total". This allows you to quickly see how many items are in the account as stacks and as total units. Items which do not come in stacks, for example remote controlled turrets, are written only as a normal number.

How to transfer items to other players

To transfer items to other players, first visit your account page (see the section titled "How to access my account"). Once you are on your account page, go to the form titled "Transfer". Fill out the boxes in the form according to these instructions:

PIN: Put your PIN in this field.
Receiver: Put the account number of the player you want to send the items to in this field.
Reference: This can be any number, or you can leave it blank. The bank does not use this field. It is provided so you can use it to put extra information on your transfer to help you and the person you are sending it to keep track of it. For example, a trader might say "I will sell 6 stacks of explosives for 5 stacks of metal. If you want to trade, transfer the metal to my account and use reference number 1234." This will help them know who sent the metal and why.
Item fields: Put the amount of items you want to transfer in these fields. You can leave them blank if you don't want to transfer any. Some item types have 2 fields. These are the item types that come in stacks. These fields are to allow you to easily send stacks or individual units. The first field that has "16 ×" in front is how many stacks you want to send. The second field is how many extra units you want to send. The bank will combine these to make the total amount to send.

Once you have filled out the boxes, click the "Send" button. The items will be taken out of your account and added to the account of the person you are sending to. You will be shown a summary of the transfer details.

How to deposit items at the Clearing Bank

  1. Tell the bank you need to make a deposit. You can do this over comms or inside the bank.
  2. The bank will ask for your account number and you should say it.
  3. Wait for the bank to tell you to send the deposit.
  4. Once you are told to go ahead, drop the items into the bank.
  5. When you are finished tell the bank and wait for a confirmation.

How to withdraw items from the Clearing Bank

How to deposit and withdraw items at other banks

To use services of other banks, follow their instructions. Beware of scams. You will never need to tell a bank your PIN.

To get help with banking or your bank account, please contact the bank that gave you your account creation token. If they cannot help you, please contact Clearing Bank - US Freeport II.